Jurassic Island Science Kit w/ Triops by Science4You


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Jurassic Island Science Kit w/ Triops by Science4You engages children in creativity, new vocabulary, fine motor skills & concentration while having fun with these exciting Jurassic experiments. Kids will be fascinated by the different pre-historic adventures in this kit! Included is a 36 page educational book that guides young students through each of the 23 experiments. Learn all about the amazing triops and create an Jurassic ecosystem. Discover how to make volcanic eruptions with chemical reactions! This kit is recommended for ages 8 and up and requires adult supervision for safe play.

Kit includes: Jurassic Island, pipette, small measuring cups, grass seeds, peats, triops eggs, sand for lake, triops food protein and juice, magnifying glass, volcano, wooden spatula, red food coloring, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and lake.

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