Jumbo Polymer Balls - Rainbow Super Growing Polymer Gel Balls 8 oz


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Rainbow Super Beads / Jumbo Polymer Balls

8 Ounces Of Jumbo Super Absorbent Acrylic Gell Balls

Approximately 235-240 Jumbo Polymer Balls
1/2 inch diameter grows to about 2 1/2 inch diameter
6 Colors - Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Green
Experience the awe-creating power of these jumbo polymer balls as they grow up to 200 times their original size. Simply add the beads to water and watch in amazement as they expand! The gel balls take a day or so to fully grow, and they are fun to bounce, roll, and throw! They even slip, slide and explode. Jumbo polymer balls can be dried out and will return to their original shape so that you can use them again and again! These gel balls are safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
Kids love to feel the slippery, spherical gel with their hands. Use as an educational tool by asking students to determine the change in volume, using the spherical volume formula. Also, great for starting seeds and growing plants so that the roots can be seen.
The jumbo polymer balls absorb faster when placed in warmer water because the individual molecules move much more quickly into the tiniest spaces in the gel balls. They will even hydrate when placed in carbonated beverages also trapping the gases released. Salt water will inhibit absorbtion by the gel balls because the bond between salt and water interferes with the bonds of the water and the gel balls. Acidic water will cause the jumbo polymer balls to shrink by degrading the bonds between the water and the gel balls.
Chemical Family: Polyacrylate/ polyacrylamide salt
Chemical Name: Acrylamide/Potassium Acrylate Copolymer, Crosslinked
The jumbo polymer balls are cross-linked copolymers that rapidly absorb water by using the process of osmosis. When water comes in contact with the polymer, it moves from outside the polymer to the inside and causes it to grow and expand. A polymer is a group of molecules that are linked together. Polymer chains are elastic and will continue to grow to a certain point. The polymer in the jumbo polymer balls is special in the sense that it is polar so that it mixes with water.
 Ages 7 and up.

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