Jokes On YOU: 6 Pranks to Play: Activity Kit w Whoopie Cushion


$ 14.95 

The Jokes on You - 6 Prank Kit

This Kit has everything you need to cause shenanigans at home or in the workplace. This diabolical collection contains a half dozen classic practical jokes including Magic Disappearing Ink, Fake Dog Poop, Snapping Gum, Nail Through Finger, Whoopee Cushion, and Squirt Ring. They're perfect for creating laughs: place the fake poop in a noticeable place to gross out your friends & family; use the squirt ring to make a splash during your next conversation; or wear the Nail Through Finger and giggle in amusement when co-workers react to the startling prank. Use a different prank each day and you'll be the talk of the town!

Ages 6 to 66

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