Izzy Sodalicious Backpack Clip - Grape Soda Scented Whiffer Sniffer

Whiffer Sniffers

$ 9.95 
SKU: WFSF-312046

LOL! Izzy’s bubbles always tickle his nose, and you can hear his laughter wherever he goes. He’s been known to laugh so hard that he sometimes blows his top! Luckily grape soda is easy to mop. It’s great to find those friends that make you smile, as those are the ones you’ll want to hang onto for a long, long while.

4.5 inches tall, Izzy has the amazing scent of grape soda(which lasts at least a year), and is surface washable with a wet cloth. The clip allows him to be snapped on to a backpack, lunchbox, bag, or more. All Whiffer Sniffers are child safe, and conform to all applicable CPSC safety standards.

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