Interstellar 3D Wooden Assembly Puzzle - Comet

Recent Toys USA

$ 19.99 


Interstellar 3D Wooden Assembly Puzzle - Comet
by Recent Toys

The Comet is a challenge that will leave you seeing stars! This jumbo-sized assembly puzzle is made from Chinese Locust wood and painted by hand, giving it an artisan look that is out of this world. While solving this puzzle isn't exactly rocket science, putting all of the pieces back into place may feel like a challenge of astronomical proportions.

Difficulty Level: 4 out 4 stars


  • These puzzles are referred to as "assembly puzzles" which is a term used for any puzzles in which the goal is to take all of the pieces apart and put them together again in the original state.
  • They are made from Chinese locust wood in china and painted by hand.
  • Each puzzle measures approximately 15cm in diameter when assembled

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