Indoor Marble Sphere Fountain - Double Rounded Polished


$ 199.95 


Indoor Rolling Marble Sphere Fountain - Double Rounded Polished


Bring the sound of a waterfall into your home or office with this beautiful marble fountain. The fountain is made out of authentic marble from the base to the sphere on top. The heavy marble base has plenty of room for the rocks and water to form a reservoir. The neck of the fountain is a double rounded carved piece of marble that water will gently flow across before lightly splashing into the rocks in the base. Atop the rounded neck is perched a smooth marble sphere. As the water is forced up through the middle of the neck, it it will gently push the sphere up, loosening it from its perch, and causing it to spin. The fountain base, rocks, and neck are dark black/gray in color. This indoor water fixture is the perfect decorative item for water and nature lovers. Bring the calming and soothing sound of water flowing down a stream into your home! This rolling marble fountain also makes for a great, thoughtful gift.  This marble ball fountain measures approximately 12 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter around the base. Water pump is included. Marble sphere may vary in color from picture.

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