Hotlix Worm Sucker, Insect Candy Lollipop, 3 Assorted Flavors, 36/Box


$ 74.95 

Worm Suckers, Assorted Flavors (no Tequila), Box of 36
by Hotlix

These flavored lollipops (apple, watermelon and orange) contain a real worm that has been suspended within the flavored confines of the sucker. You don't have to eat it, but that would just defeat the purpose of having a worm in your lollipop, now wouldn't it?

Each lollipop is made from a sugar-free, flavored syrup. To ensure freshness, we do keep a limited supply of these in stock so there may be a 2-5 day delay in shipping your item, as we arrange shipment from our supplier.

Also available in cartons or individually:
Assorted Flavored Worm Suckers,  available in Tequila, Apple, Watermelon & Orange.  
Scorpion Suckers: available in Apple, Blueberry, Banana & Strawberry flavors.

Crick-ettes flavored Cricket Snax: in Sour Cream, Bacon Cheddar and Salt & Vinegar.
Larvets: Flavored Worm Snax:  in BBQ, Mexican Spice & Cheddar Cheese flavors
Butterfly/Flower Candy: available in Strawberry & Blueberry flavors.

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