Cheddar Cheese Flavored Larvets Worm Snax, Box of 24, by Hotlix


$ 44.99 


Cheddar Cheese Flavor Larvets Snax, Box of 24

by Hotlix

   Open your mind. Step away from the traditional snacks of cheese and crackers, pretzels, or chips. Open a pack of Larvettes, and dare to be different. Challenge your friends to see which of them is willing to step outside the norm, and do something out of the ordinary. Each box of Larvettes contains 24 packs of real, flavored, larvae. Whether you're the one eating them, or doing the daring, this interesting choice of snack is almost guaranteed to start a conversation of some kind with the people around you.

   The larvets are also available in the following three flavors: BBQ and Mexican Spice.

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