Hot Dots Jr Pen - The Magical Talking, Teaching Wand

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Ollie the Talking, Teaching Owl - Hot Dots Jr. Pen
by Learning Resources

With the Magical Talking Wand and Hot Dots Jr. learning just got a whole lot more majestic. An interactive preschool and kindergarten learning system, Hot Dots Jr. helps to introduce key readiness concepts that range from shapes and colors to math and reading. The motivating phrases, silly sounds as well as twinkling lights will help to indicate whether a response is correct or incorrect.

Perfect for your little princess, the Magical Talking Wand is fully functional with all of the Hot Dots and Hot Dots Jr card sets, as well as the learning books. This innovating teaching tool is capable of providing instantaneous motivating phrases when the correct answers are given, as well as some gentle redirection for incorrect responses.

The pen is approximately 6" in length, and has 17 different speech and sound effect responses. The crown will light up in green for correct responses, and red for incorrect. The requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.

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