Hot Dots Jr. - Ace & Kats Interactive Storybook Set With Talking Pen; Plays Sound Effects

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Hot Dots Jr. - Ace & Kats Interactive Storybook Set -Talking Pen; Plays Sound Effects

Inspire excitement about reading with the pen that's like a personal tutor.  This interactive Storybook Set includes Ace the  Talking Puppy Pen and Four, 24 page, full color storybooks.  Titles include:

  • Ace & Kat at the  A to Z Store
  • Ace & Kat Go Camping
  • Ace & Kat's Undersea Adventure
  • Ace & Kat's Good Time Band
Set comes in a handy Handled Tote for youngsters on the Go!

All the fun of Hot Dots, now available for younger children! Part learning companion, part magic wand, the Hot Dots Jr. Pen talks, laughs, lights up and even buzzes with excitement as children explore. Designed for little hands, this electronic pen cheers for correct answers and gently redirects children when they answer incorrectly, allowing for independent discovery.

  • Engages your youngest learners with easy to use technology simply press the pen down on the cards to answer and receive feedback
  • Allows independent, self paced reinforcement and review of key early learning topics
  • Provides opportunity for students to prepare for school, or catch up where they need support
  • Ace unit requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and measures 6 inches in length.
  • Grades PreK+

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