Holographic Giraffe Wild Eyes 3D Paper Glasses

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American Paper Optics

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Holographic Giraffe Wild Eyes 3D Paper Glasses

By American Paper Optics

View an amazing new animal world! These holographic glasses create magical giraffe heads that float around bright points of light! Slip these glasses on and get ready to be awed in wonder as you experience the mysterious phenomenon of bending light! While wearing these glasses, you can experience the light bending animal action by looking at street lights, city lights, fireworks or any bright, distant point of light! They also work great with holiday lights on houses and Christmas trees! These glasses feature two different animal images that can be put into action by moving the glasses up and down slightly.

The American Paper Optics Wild Eyes Glasses set includes twelve different animals! Collect them all and bring the whole zoo home! Each set of glasses is colorfully designed on the front and includes easy to read instructions and animal facts on the back. These glasses are not intended for use over extended time, looking into the Sun, performing physical activity, driving vehicles, or operating machinery.

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