Heavy Duty Window Hanger w/Adjustable Angle

Red Carpet Studios

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SKU: RSC98958

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This heavy duty window hanger features an adjustable hook, allowing you to suspend something from it at almost any possible angle. To prevent the hook from moving, an adjustable knob on the side controls the tension. By loosening it, you can easily adjust the angle of the hanger, before tightening the knob and locking the hanger in place. Unlike traditional window hangers that use a moistened suction cup to stick to a flat surface, this particular one has a rotating "airlock", that sucks the air out to form a tight seal. To remove it, simply rotate the "airlock" in the other direction, and carefully pull on the small tab to introduce air back into the system, thus relieving the vacuum.

The hook and swing arm measure approximately 4" in length.

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