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Grow Your Own Lily Pads
100% Natural
by DuneCraft


Grow Your Own Lily Pad features Lotus Plant seeds that sprout and grow in water!  Your Lily Pad can grow in up to 4 feet of water, spread to take up large amounts of a shallow pond and each pad can grow as large as 2 feet wide.  This amazing plant also has the largest flower of any plant in North America and the light yellow flowers even smell good!

Just drop the seeds in a bowl of distilled water and watch in awe as they sprout in less than two weeks.  Roots will start forming a couple of weeks later and before you know it, you will see your own Lily Pads popping out.  Be sure to change the water ever couple of days, especially before the seeds sprout.  Yellow Lotus like the full sun, so transfer your Lily Pads to a larger container such as a pond or decorative buckets when they start to run out of room in the bowl. 

Full growing directions are printed on the box, so be sure not to discard it until you have read it thoroughly.

Complete kit includes:

  • 4 Lotus Plant Seeds (ranging from 1/4 to 7/8's inch in diameter)
  • Clear Display Bowl (Diameter:  5 3/8 inches - Depth:  1 3/4 inches)
  • Bag of Blue Acrylic Rocks (ranging in size from 1/2 to 1 inch - approximately 10 rocks)


Box Dimensions 5.5 x 2.25 x 5.5
All made in the USA


Ages 4 and up.

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