Grow Your Own Brain Micro Terrarium w/Seeds

Grow Your Own Brain Micro Terrarium w/Seeds - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Grow Your Own Brain Micro Terrarium w/Seeds

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These unusual plants will grow colorful flowers that actually look like brains! In Victorian times, Brain Plants represented silliness, humor, and warmth. The Brain Plants prefer to be watered with warm water and will begin to form little brains in as little as two months  Brain Plants are very colorful, interesting plants with stems that are unusually red and brain-like flowers that form when the plant is very young. They like direct light and can thrive in almost any soil; they do not like strong wind or cold weather. They must be transplanted carefully as they do not like their roots disturbed. Over-watering will cause the plants to rot at the crown, so be sure to let the soil dry between watering.

  • Actual Product Dimensions: 5 x 1.75 x 7 inche
  • These Egg Shaped Micro Terrariums measure 3 inches in Height and 2 inches in Diameter at the center.
  • Ages 4+

Each Complete Kit Includes:
Egg-Shaped Terrarium
Brain Plant Seeds (Celosia Amigo Mix-Seed Disk contains approximately 12 seeds)
Premium Sprouting Mixture
Instructions and Information Sheet



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