Grow Snow Classroom Be Amazing Polymer Insta-snow Kit

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Grow Snow Classroom Science Activity Kit
By Be Amazing

  Packed into a small amount of the dry powder is an amazing reaction!  Instant-Snow is a compact, super absorbent polymer that quickly grabs huge quantities of water molecules and expands very rapidly to 100 times it's original size as it does so.  The more it expands, the greater the number of places on the polymer that are available to grab more water.  Of course, there's a limit and if it's reached, the polymer can't hold anymore more water and becomes slushy instead of fluffy.  If hydrated Instant-Snow is left undisturbed and uncovered for several days, the water evaporates and eventually, all that remains is dry powder.  Then it's ready to soak up another flood of water and amaze you and the kids all over again!
Kit contains:
24 7g tubes Instant-Snow for students, 1 40g bag Instant-Snow for teacher, 24 6x6 zip-seal plastic bags, 12 small plastic cups, 12 small Petri dishes, 1-liter bottle, large plastic cup, student discovery page master, teacher activity guide.
Grade Levels K-6
Ages 6 and up. Adult supervision.

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