Grow a Frog Tadpole Kit by Three Rivers

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Three Rivers

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Grow a Frog Tadpole Kit
by Three Rivers
Includes Coupon to Order Tadpole and Habitat
This Kit Includes:
  • Coupon for a see thru Grow-a-Frog Tadpole "ready to morph" and 6 x 6 inch Habitat. Tadpole will only be shipped when weather is cooperative.
  • Fun & Fact Handbook
  • Stage One food
  • Nutri-Sand growth media
  • Serving spoon

Once you receive your tadpole and plastic habitat, the countdown to metamorphosis begins. To begin the process of growing your tadpole into a little baby froglet, fill the aquarium habitat with bottled spring water, bring to room temperature and add Nutri-Sand. Then, pour in the tadpole and feed it a spoon of Stage One food. Since the tadpole is see thru, working organs are seen, including the heart beat. After 3-4 weeks on average of daily care, the tadpole will have changed to a frog. The included Fun & Fact Handbook contains valuable information needed for continued care and feeding of the froglet, FAQ's and helpful hints. Ages 4 and up.



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