Green Octopus - 4 Inch Round Glass Trinket Tray

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Green Octopus - 4 Inch Glass Trinket Tray 

Our team of scientists has just recently discovered a new species of cephalopod, the trinket tray octopus. This handsome green, tentacled mollusk prefers the cozy confines of a simple glass tray to the vast depths of the ocean. Measuring 4 inches in diameter, this catch-all tray is ideal for holding your rings while you work about the kitchen or loose change from your pocket after a long & busy day. Let this eight armed sea creature hold your stuff!

  • Reverse printed on glass so items placed in the tray won't scratch the image.
  • Colorful green image on a black background.
  • Shiny smooth surface with satin ground edges.
  • Back of tray is finished with an attractive gold tone.
  • Collect several for a truly unique set of coasters.

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