Green Limbed Melting Martian Putty Activity Kit, by Toysmith


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Green Limbed Melting Martian Putty Activity
by Toysmith

Use your imagination to shape and mold the Melting Martian into a design of your own creative. Get creative, and bring it to life by using the included body parts, and even a ray-gun. Set it up on the flying saucer, and watch as it melts back into a blob. Fun to create, this imagination-inspiring putty martian allows kids and adults to let their creativity run wild and mold the putty into whatever their imaginations can come up with.

The putty is non-toxic and silicone based, and has a unique property that won't let it hold its shape over time. Once it melts, just reform it and create a new martian! The flying saucer does double duty as both a stand, and a storage container for the putty and martian parts. Each melting martian comes with approximately 45g of translucent putty.

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