Great Minds Set of 3 Wooden Brainteaser Puzzles - Galileo, Halley & Kepler

Professor Puzzle

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Great Minds Wooden Puzzles - Set of 3 Brainteasers
by Recent Toys & Professor Puzzle

Brainteasers and puzzles by themselves are extremely challenge, and fun. When you put them both together, you can even add in frustrating! This set of 3 is exactly that: a combination of brainteaser and puzzle. Because one you manage to get the pieces apart, you have to figure out how to put it all back together.

Each of the three puzzles was inspired by a particular scientist and inventor. The Comet was inspired by Edmond Halley, the English astronomer and mathematician who discovered Halley's Comet. The Globe was for Galileo Galilei, the Italian scientist and astronomer who claimed that the earth was not the center of the universe. Lastly is the Planetary, inspired by Johannes Kepler. A German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, he is best known for his Laws of Planetary Motion, and the role he played in debunking that the Sun orbited the Earth.

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