Gradient Astro Star Cellular Kite w/Wooden Frame, 44x35"

Gradient Astro Star Cellular Kite w/Wooden Frame, 44x35" - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Gradient Astro Star Cellular Box Kite w/Wooden Frame
by Premier Kites

The Astro Star is unique-looking open cellular kite that was based on an original design by the Italian designer Mauritzio Angeletti, who has been designing and building custom kites for over 30 years. This particular kite features a pair of stars with rounded inward surfaces, creating an open-box structure on the inside, with the arms of the starts forming "cells" in the kite. A set of spars not only create tension in the outer ring, but also help provide the necessary arrangement for creating the delicate star-like effect of the kite. Because of its box and cell design, the Astro Star is very stable in both gentle and stronger winds.

The Gradient Astro Star measures approximately 44x35" (WxL), and is made of Nylon and a lightweight wooden frame. It includes 300ft of 50lb test line and a hand winder, as well as a clear carrying bag to keep the kite from getting damaged when not in use.

This kite has a wind rating of 7-20mph.

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