Goobi Magnetic Construction Set - Beginner Pack - 61 Pieces

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Goobi Magnetic Construction Set - Beginner Pack - 61 Pieces

by Creative Zone

Goobi is a magnetic construction set consisting of magnetic pieces that when connected create almost unlimited 2D and 3D geometric figures and lifelike models of different shape and dimension. This Beginner Pack contains 35 bars, 18 balls and 8 tripods in assorted colors. It’s a very simple educational and spontaneous way for kids to learn some basics of geometry, physics, architecture and engineering. Playing with Goobi enhances children's eye-hand coordination and improves their problem solving skills. Goobi is a great family activity, can be used as a stress reducer for professionals and is helpful in rehabilitation of the elderly with fine motor skill problems. This Beginner Pack comes with a 32 page illustrated color instruction booklet. Ages 5 and up.

  • 61 assorted color pieces
  • 32 page color instruction booklet
  • Ages 5 and up

Keep the magnet bars at least 3 inches away from Credit Cards, Audio & Video Cassettes, Floppy Disks, CRT Computer Monitors, TV Screens, Pacemakers and other magnetic sensitive data carriers and devices. 

Goobi line is manufactured with Secured Magnets and is in Compliance with: 

  • ASTM International Toy Safety Standards
  • EN71 European Toy Safety Standards

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