Goobi - Jumbo G Magnetic Building Toy - 20 Pieces

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Creative Zone

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Goobi Magnetic Construction Set - Jumbo J- 20 Pieces

for Little Creative Minds

by Creative Zone


Jumbo G magnetic construction sets are made with high quality materials. Jumbo G 20 contains 12 magnetic bars and 8 hallow balls (non-magnetic) which come in an assortment of vibrant colors. According to the National Endwoment for the Arts, childrens engaged in creative activities have better mental and physical health. Research shows that interactive play has an important role in children's development.  Constructing with Jumbo G is a way to aid in the development of children's creativity and bring it to life.

 Additionally, Jumbo G magnetic construction set is: 

-An ideal activity for children, ages 3 and older, which induces creativity and helps to develop a sense of proportion 
-Creates simple and spontaneous ways to learn basics of geometry, physics, architecture and engineering 
-Can enhance eye-hand coordination and improve problem solving skills in an entertaining way.

As a long term educational investment Jumbo G makes a preferred gift or purchase.

Jumbo G Magnetic Construction Set Features: 

  • 20 assorted  rainbow color pieces
  • Simple, Fun & Educational.
  • Comes with a carrying drawstring backpack
  •  Ages 3 and up

Keep the magnet bars at least 3 inches away from Credit Cards, Audio & Video Cassettes, Floppy Disks, CRT Computer Monitors, TV Screens, Pacemakers and other magnetic sensitive data carriers and devices. 

As with all Goobi® and Jumbo G toy products, safety and quality comes first. All magnets are designed and embedded into the plastic bars in such a way that makes it impossible for them to ever break out under normal playing conditions. 

  • ASTM USA Toy Safety Standards
  • EN71 European Toy Safety Standards

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