Golden Tiger Eye Polished Gemstone Quartz 1 Pound

Squire Boone Village

$ 25.99 

Earth Exploration Co.
   Polished Golden Tiger Eye Gemstones in 1 Pound
Squire Boone Village

     Visualize this... One pound (20 to 25 pieces)  of beautiful, polished Golden Tiger Eye stones.  Ideal to develop  your mineral identification skills.  And when you have mastered that... you can craft the stones into memorable one of a kind works of art!
     Tiger eye is quartz that contains oriented fibers of crocidolite that have been replaced by silica.  Tiger eye is displaying chatoyancy (a vertical luminescent band like that of a cat's eye).  Tiger eye typically has lustrous alternating yellow or brown bands.
The history of this gemstone includes the fact that roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle due to its seemingly all seeing powers.  Also, it is believed that tiger eye can relieve high blood pressure, and it is believed to provide an overall benefit for the weak and the sick.

     The most important mine for Tiger Eye is in South Africa and the best stones come from Griqualand West.
     This purchase contains 1 pound of  Golden Tiger Eye gemstones
; polished  to a smooth and shiny finish.   The individual stones vary in size and shape.

Tiger Eye Gemology

  • Color Brownish Yellow to reddish brown
  • Quartz Family
  • Chemical Composition:  SiO2
  • Hardness: 7
  • Specific gravity: 2.66 +/- 0.20
  • Alternative names: Tiger's Eye
  • Refractive Index 1.544 - 1.553
  • Birefringence .009
  • Uniaxial +
Ages 10 and up

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