Gold Rush Geodes Kit w/Safety Glasses, 7 Golden Geodes & Guide Book

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Discover Gold Rush Geodes Kit
by Dr. Cool

Gold Rush Geodes are a great and amazing naturally occuring phenomenon. Because they contain pyrite (fool's gold), which looks extremely similar to real gold, many miners thought they had struck it rich when in fact they hand't. Will your friends be like the miners during the gold rush, and fooled into thinking you've struck real gold?

Just break open any one of the 7 geodes in the kit, and check out the incredible golden spray formations hidden inside. Much like a snowflake, no two geodes will be exactly the same.

Each kit comes complete with safety goggles, a pair of display stands, an activity book, and a fully colored and illustrated information guide. Contained within the guide is a plethora of information about the different kinds of geodes and how they're formed, and other useful information for studying these amazingly unique rocks.

This great rock science study kit was a winner for Best Picks: New Products by Dr. Toy in 2013.

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