Glow-In-The-Dark Jellyfish Ornament


$ 14.95 
SKU: ACC12418


Glow-In-The-Dark Jellyfish Tree Ornament

Create an undersea themed Christmas tree with this jellyfish ornament! Hang a lot of these glow-in-the-dark jellyfish on your tree so that when the lights are out, you have an undersea jellyfish wonderland! However, the glow-in-the-dark jellyfish fun does not stop with Christmas. For year-round enjoyment, hang the jellyfish from your rear-view mirror in your car or even hang it from the ceiling. Use the glow-in-the-dark properties to soothe a fear of the dark - unless, of course, you also have a fear of jellyfish! Measures 4 inches tall. Made out of soft vinyl and sting free!


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