Giant Glow in the Dark Planet Stick-Ons Solar System

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Great Explorations

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Giant Planet Stick-Ons Glow in the Dark
by Great Explorations
Enjoy the beauty of the Solar System in any room with these beautiful, giant, glowing images of the planets and space craft. Great for any age and can be reused and moved from place to place. Contents includes Planets, the Sun, Astronauts, and Spacecrafts on 1 Stick-On Sheet (24x18 inches) and another (12x18 inches) and a fact sheet about the planets.  Turn your room into the glow in the dark solar system.
These Stickers are very good quality and almost like stick-on photographs.  Sizes vary:
  • Pluto (Still included in this set as a planet):  1/2 inch in diameter
  • Mercury:  1-1/2 inches diameter
  • Mars:  2 inches diameter
  • Venus:  3-1/2 inches diameter
  • Earth:  4 inches diameter
  • Uranus:  6 inches diameter
  • Neptune:  6 inches diameter
  • Jupiter:  11-1/4 inches diameter
  • Saturn:  8-1/2 inches diameter (planet only) - 21-3/4 inches long with rings
Sun:  (The whole sun is not included.) The rounded section included measures 24 inches in length and 5-1/2 inches at the widest rounded part.  It is flat on one side and rounded on the other.
2 Astronauts:  3-3/4 inches tall x 3-3/4 inches wide
Space Shuttle Discovery:  9-1/2 inches long by 5-1/4 inches at tallest part
International Space Station:  10-1/2 inches long by 7-1/4 inches tall  
 Ages 5 and up

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