Geospace R/C Stunt RoboCar JR- Remote Control Car

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R/C Stunt RoboCar JR

Remote Control Car


Like a Timex™ watch, our new RoboCar™ JR takes a lickin’ and keeps on spinnin’! Practically nothing can sideline a ROBOCAR JR.  This is the MONSTER of the R/C car world: it comes back to life every time it appears to be down. What makes it such a gnarly, can’t-give-up competitor? The secret’s in the unique, rotating front wheel carriage. The whole front axle spins 360 degrees in either direction, providing traction even when it’s on its side or upside down! When the car gets stuck, simply rotate the front axle to free it or change direction. Flashing LED lights in the rear hubs and in the cockpit add a touch of exuberant fun (and ghostly effects at night).

The ROBOCAR JR’s spectacular ruggedness makes for incredible multi-car races, collisions, and free-for-alls. The Controller’s (R/C) two toggles control forward and backward movement (left), and rotation of the front axle (right). Controller requires two AA batteries (not included). The car requires five AA batteries (not included).

Ages 5 & Up.
Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 7 x 4.6 inches

Comes in Red or Blue. Yours will be chosen from our in-stock supply. If your order more than one we will send a variety of colors.

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