Geospace AirCycle Air-Powered Motorcycle with Pump

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Air-Powered Motorcycle with Pump

What? No batteries? How does it work? This little Air-Powered Motorcycle blasts across the floor at scale speeds of over 200 MPH fueled only by air! Simply attach the air hose from the included hand pump to the "fuel tank" (actually on air reservoir). After pumping several times, remove the hose, set the AIRCYCLE upright on any hard surface and give it a nudge. Suddenly the compressed air rushes from the reservoir into a viewable cylinder that drives the oversized rubber rear wheel. The AIRCYCLE takes off like a rocket for bursts of up to 100 feet or more with a piston-pumping engine sounds ripping through the air. No more batteries to buy; the only fuel needed will be the calories kids burn as they pump up the reservoir with air and chase after the AIRCYCLE!


Ages 3 & Up.

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches

Comes in Red or Green. Yours will be chosen from our in-stock supply. If you order more than one we will send a variety of colors.

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