Geode Agate Rock Extra Small Nickel To Quarter Size w Info Card

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Geode Rock Extra Small Nickel To Quarter Size
Information Card Included
Each individual rock has a unique shape, size and color. Pictures are representative.

     Millions of years ago when the Earth's crust was being formed, gas pockets and cavities formed in relatively low temperature, volatile magma. Later, after the magma hardened into rock, high temperature fluids filled these gas pockets, depositing minerals and causing crystals to form unobstructed during their growth.
    These geodes are made of agate and the crystals in the center are quartz. They have been cut in half and polished on the cut side.

Picture is representative of the specimen you will receive.  Each rock is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance.  No two rocks will be exactly alike.
Quantity: 1 Geode Rock
Origin: South America
Ages 8 and up

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