GeoCentral - Natural Peacock Feathers of Fun - Pack of 10


$ 17.99 


 Natural Peacock Feathers of Fun - Pack of 10

with 10 Info Sheets

by GeoCentral from USA

Discover the Wonders of our World

Beautiful Iridescent feathers come from  the tail of a male peacock.  The feathers have bold spots that look like eyes.  Peacocks are large birds that feed on snails, frogs and insects as well as grains,grasses and bulbs.  In ancient times the peacock was transported to different parts of the world as a natural treasure.  Peacocks occasionally, naturally, shed their feathers. our feathers are collected from this natural molting process.

This group of 10 feathers comes with 10 informative sheets that provide for fun activities and uses of  these pretty decorative feathers.  Great for Jewelry making, art projects and tickling; they average between 36 and 44 inches long.  They can be trimmed to suit the size you desire for your project.

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