GeoCentral - 3 Pc Unfinished Petrified Wood Rock Mineral Specimens w/Info Card


$ 4.99 


GeoCentral - 3  Pc Unfinished Petrified Wood Rock Mineral Specimens - w Info Cards 


This set of 3 pieces is unfinished fossilized Petrified Wood. Each of the specimens measures approximately 1.25 inches across. The colors and shapes of your fossil wood will vary. You will receive 3 Petrified wood specimens and an information sheet.

"Petrified" is a type of fossil that has had its original organic matter converted to mineral or stone. The name literally means "wood turned to stone". The original wood was preserved underground with no oxygen, then by the infiltration of water, minerals such as quartz became deposited where the organic matter decayed.  


  Ages 6 and up 

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