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Geo Vision Vega 600 Telescope;150 x 50 mm


$ 89.99 
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Geo Vision Vega 600 Telescope;150 x 50 mm

Inquisitive scientists young and old will enjoy investigating the universe through the precision optics of the Vega 600. With magnifications from 30x to 150x and rack and pinion focusing, stargazers and naturalists are rewarded with bright, clear images -perfect for scoping out birds and animals, as well as the moon, planets, and constellations. IN ADDITION, lightweight, and easy to use! High-quality features and components include: 50mm achromatic objective lens, all-glass optics, two interchangeable eyepieces, optical finder scope, full-height, adjustable tripod, and image erector for viewing terrestrial subjects. Grades 3 and up.

Ages 8 and up.

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