GEN X 3D Plastic Glasses Anaglyphic (Red/Cyan)

American Paper Optics LLC

$ 5.99 


Anaglyphic Plastic "Gen X" Style

You can’t see the future, but you will surely feel part of it with our brand new Gen X 3D Anaglyph glasses. Not only are they ultra sleek, our new Red/Cyan lenses are superior to anything else on the market and allow for optimum 3D viewing. The futuristic look along with the matted frame make the Gen X 3D a must have for 3D viewing.

Anaglyphic glasses are used for viewing print, movies, DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, websites, games, and computer applications in 3D. As you would expect with American Paper Optics, our superior Red/Cyan lens combination will always make 3D viewing the finest and the deepest!

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