Gems Fireworks Glasses w/ Neon Plastic Frame 1 Pair

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Rainbow Symphony

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Gems™Fireworks Glasses
 w/\ith Neon Plastic Frame
Quantity: 1 Pair
Enhance your fireworks and holiday lights viewing experience with Gems™ Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses®. The highest quality holographic film lenses turn every dot, dash and twinkle into a cascading shower of pure rainbow starbursts. The effect is absolutely spectacular!! Our assortment of bright neon colored frames are light weight, comfortable and "They Glow in the Dark". They are also blacklight activated!!
Rainbow Glasses are great for watching Fireworks Displays,Holiday Lights,City and Street Lights and even the Moon and Stars. Experiment and have fun!!   These colorful plastic frames are far more durable than the paper version and, with a little care, will provide years of enjoyment.
They come in  4 neon colors: Pink, Green, Yellow and Orange. Yours will be selected from our in-stock supply.  If you order more than one pair we will send a variety of colors.

We offer Quantity discounts... So the entire family can join in the viewing fun!

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