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Gemini Specs
Holographic Glasses
Proudly Made in USA

Look cool and see cool effects with these Holographic Gemini Specs. A SURPRISE FOR THE EYES! Kids of all ages love these! These glasses will awe you and transform the night! Holographic lenses mysteriously transform any ordinary bright point of light into a SNOWFLAKE image, delighting people of all ages. More points of light means more SNOWFLAKES! Gemini Specs glasses are brilliantly printed in full color designs. Each style gives the wearer a different holographic image around bright points of light. They work with Holiday lights or party lights, candles, city lights and fireworks.

 Uses for these fun glasses include:
• Viewing Holiday Lights, Party Lights, City lights or Fireworks
• Stocking Stuffers
• Teacher/Student Gifts
• Holiday Card Inserts
• Favors
• Fund raising
• Package Decorations
• Gift Baskets
• Secret Santa

Please e-mail us with inquiries about availability of large quantities.

Other Gemini Specs designs include: Aliens; Dollar Signs; Party; USA; Twinkle Star; Hearts; Snowmen; Santa Claus; Smiley Faces; Christmas Star; Noel; Dreidel; Star of David; Shalom.

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