GADGETS Stretchy Shapes: TIE-DYE Rubber Band Bracelets 24pk

GADGETS Stretchy Shapes: TIE-DYE Rubber Band Bracelets 24pk - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Stretchy Shapes

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 GADGETS Stretchy Shapes
 TIE-DYE Rubber Bands 
-SUPER SALE!!! Quantity: one pack of 24 GADGET shapes.  Includes 4 each of 6 shapes:
Mobile, Tablet, Player, Gamer, Camera, and Laptop
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 New and modern: tie-dyed Gadget bands! These Stretchies are geek chic, with detailed shapes no other band maker has figured out how to produce. And two shapes (Tablet and Laptop) are our signature double-sized Stretchies.   And, of course, these bands swirled with Tie-Dye metallic white, black, and silver. 

The gotta-have nation-wide craze, these silicone rubber bands are definitely a cut above. Beautiful, well packaged, nicely molded and sized to not be too tight on your wrist. These Tie Dyed Bands will help you hold things together. Once your task is finished...They will return to their original GADGET shape... What Fun! Bring the fun back into your home or office with these clever Tie-Dye Shaped Rubber Bands!  Packed in a durable, clear, zipper bag with a chain for attaching to your keyring or backpack!
For ages 5 years and up. 
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