FunLoom Silicone Bands - 300 Christmas Sparkle Bands

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FunLoom Silicone Bands - 300 Christmas Sparkle Bands


The fun continues with these sparkly Christmas red and green premium silicone bands! These bands are perfect for bringing in the holiday cheer! Your kids can use these bands to make even more awesome silicone bracelets, hair ties, rings, and more! 100% silicone and super stretchy. Colors won't fade and the bands won't pull skin or hair! Includes 300 bands and cool new clips that are shaped like stars, peace signs, and hearts. Clips are used to connect the ends of a completed bracelet.

FunLoom! Load it, Loom it, Love it! This seasons newest fad is here! FunLoom uses durable, stretchy bands that come in a variety of colors for making awesome silicone bracelets! FunLoom bands are 100% silicone. Superior to other brand's rubber based bands, FunLoom's silicon bands have brighter colors, won't fade, will hold their shape, won't stretch out, won't twist or knot when looming, and won't pull hair or skin! Guaranteed to work with Rainbow Loom and other similar brands! Your FunLoom custom wristbands can easily be taken apart and reused! 

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