FunLoom Deluxe Silicone Band Bracelet Kit

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FunLoom Deluxe Silicone Band Bracelet Kit

With this FunLoom Deluxe Kit, you will receive two FunLoom looms for holding the premium silicone bands while you make your bracelets, two FunLoom hooks to loop the bands from one pin on the loom to another, 600 100% silicone rubber bands, and 30 Super C Clips for attaching the ends of the completed bracelets. Also included is an "I heart FunLoom" sticker and an instruction manual. All of these items come in a handy box that has customizable compartments for sorting and organizing your FunLoom bands and storing your looms. This is the perfect kit for your kids to continue learning how to make their own rainbow colored bracelets, rings, hair ties, and more! For even more custom wristband creations and fun, your children can attach the two FunLooms together. Attaching the looms together means longer and wider creations! This kit does come with 600 rainbow assorted colored bands, but many other colors can be purchased separately. 

FunLoom! Load it, Loom it, Love it! This seasons newest fad is here! FunLoom uses durable, stretchy bands that come in a variety of colors for making awesome silicone bracelets! FunLoom bands are 100% silicone. Superior to other brand's rubber based bands, FunLoom's silicon bands have brighter colors, won't fade, will hold their shape, won't stretch out, won't twist or knot when looming, and won't pull hair or skin! Guaranteed to work with Rainbow Loom and other similar brands! Your FunLoom custom wristbands can easily be taken apart and reused! 

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