Funky Spirals V-Cube 3 Puzzle, with Flat Sides

Funky Spirals V-Cube 3 Puzzle, with Flat Sides - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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A new twist on a classic hand-held puzzle, the V-Cubes feature images printed directly onto the surface of the cube, which drastically increases both their lifespan and durability. They require excellent skills in both problem-solving, and concentration, to solve. The design and construction of the V-Cubes allows for a virtually unlimited number of layers, all while allowing for safe and smooth rotation.

With five sides of funky spirals and cool colors making up this 3x3 cube, the Funky Spirals V-Cube is sure to test your skills. Despite its simple appearance, it can be quite challenging if you do not pay attention. Its design is printed directly onto the sides of the cube using UV printing, giving it durability and long life. Each V-Cube comes complete with an instruction booklet, and the solution to solving the puzzle.

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