FunFlyStick REFILL Rings Set for Magic Levitation Wand


$ 3.99 

4  Pack RING REFILLS for
Fun Fly Stick FunFlyStick
 Magic Levitation Wand
A ring set of 4 flying toys in a refill pack.  Two "Large Rings" and two "Medium Rings". Flying toys break sooner or later and even most experienced  wizards would need to renew their inventory. All rings are made out of 2.5 wide film. 2 rings have about 9 in diameter and 2 other rings are about 12 in diameter.

 We also sell the FunFlyStick Magic Levitation Wand, a 5 piece BASIC SET refill pack, a 150 piece MEDIUM SPHERES Refill Pack, and a 10 Piece DELUXE Refill Set. 

Ages 5 to 105
Not suitable for children under 3. Choking Hazard. 
Click here for a Demonstration of the FunFlyStick

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