Fruit Top Trenz Rubber Band Bracelets 12pk

Fruit Top Trenz Rubber Band Bracelets 12pk - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Top Trenz

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-SUPER SALE!!! 12/Pk Top Trenz Fruit Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets
Thesecolorful bands will help you hold things together.
Collect 'em
Trade 'em
Wear 'em as a Bracelet!

Quantity: 1 pk of 12 bands:Fruit -2 ea- Banana, Grapes, Apple, Lime, Pear, Peach.  They look and behave like normal rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original shapes!  Packaged in a plastic bag.

The Hottest Thing since the Pet Rock!

Worn as Bracelets, Traded & Collected by all Ages.  But you can enjoy them too. Flick them at your co-workers, use them for wrapping presents or horde them all for yourself. What a great gift for students or parties.  These are a favorite for magicians and parties.

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  Ages 5  years and up

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