Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice Tray Silicone Mold

Fred and Friends

$ 10.95 


Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice Tray Silicone Mold

By Fred and Friends


Freeze! Step away from the normal ice cubes... pop a cap into your drink with these super cool handgun shaped ice cubes! This silicone ice tray yields six handgun shaped ice cubes that will bring an unexpected twist to any party or hangout session!

This ice tray is made of flexible, high quality silicone that makes it easy to remove the ice after freezing. Features a briefcase-shaped exterior and handle that adds a mobster-style flair to this cool ice tray! Wash before first use. Food and dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 7.25 inches by 5.75 inches. Handgun shaped ice cubes will be approximately 3 x 2 x 0.5 inches.

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