Fossilized Ammonite Seashell Polished 1 Inch w Info Card

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Fossilized Ammonite Rock Polished 1 Inch
Information Card Included

Ammonites lived from 65 to 395 million years ago. Although ammonites are now extinct, they have a relative called the nautilus that lives today in ocean waters of the South Pacific. Ammonites were mollusks of the class cephalopoda. The best known feature of the cephalopod is its many arms and tentacles. Most had 8 or 10 arms and tentacles, but today's nautilus has about 90. This ammonite shell is coiled. It served as protection and enabled the ammonite to regulate pressure for varying water depths. Chambers were formed in the coiled shell by the ammonite as it grew in size. Polished on one side.

Picture is representative of the specimen you will receive.  Each rock is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance.  No two rocks will be exactly alike.

Quantity: 1 Fossilized Ammonite Rock
Origin: Northern Africa

 Ages 8 and up

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