Food Groups & Vitamins - Nutrition Activity Placemat by Tot Talk

Tot Talk

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Food Groups & Vitamins - Nutrition Activity Placemat

Made in USA by Tot Talk

Learn about your food and what is good for you. What grows underground, what grows on trees or vines?  Play the game on the front side and locate where the food comes from on Tot Talk's farm.  Turn over to learn about the recommended food groups and vitamins and nutrients that come from each group.  Keep your own daily food schedule to find out if you need to eat more or less of any food group.

 Tot Talk's double sided, educational placemat is thick and high quality; measuring approximately 11.5 x 17.5 inches. Packs easily for travel as it is lightweight and packs flat.  Great for entertainment on the go. Easy to use on the train, plane, in the car, at a restaurant or at home!  Use dry erase markers, and wipe clean with wet paper towels, or wash with warm water and dish soap for bacteria free learning.  For extra fun, give your child a spray bottle and eraser, and they can spray it, and wash off their work and start over. 

 Learn something every day!

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