Foam Strike Switchblade Boomerang

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Foam Strike Switchblade Boomerang 

from Monkey Business Sports

The SwitchBlade Boomerang is deceiving at first glance. Just another 3-bladed toy boomerang, right? No sir. Once you get the SwitchBlade Boomerang in your hands, the SwitchBlade action is just so cool and addicting to play with. You'll find it hard to stop. The SwitchBlade Boomerang is deceiving at second glance. This is not your flimsy, light toy boomerang you can whip around a living room or bedroom. Being a part of our FoamStrike brand line, you've gotta' get outside and play with it. It is, after all, a skill toy that combines the cool factor of the switchblade action with the balance and performance of a legitimate toy boomerang. Not an easy task. Like most skill toys, the SwitchBlade Boomerang takes practice and patience... and a couple of pointers  from Monkey Business Sports.

 Switchblade Boomerang Features:

  • 3 Blades Measure Approx. 6.5 Inches Each.
  • When un-furled Measures Approx, 12 Inches in Diameter.
  • Constructed of Durable Lightweight  Flexible Foam.
  • Lock It Down to Pocket Size for Travel.
  • Easy to Throw--Comes with Directions and Tips for Successful Boomerang Action.
  • Practice in Wide Open Spaces for Better Control.

Ages 6 to adult

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