Earth Science Fluorescent Rocks Kit w/UV Pen by GeoCentral


$ 13.95 


Fluorescent Rocks Kit
by GeoCentral

If you dig deep enough into the ground, past the dirt and sand, you can always find rocks and minerals. They are the very thing that make up the plant on which we live, and with this earth science kit, you'll learn about one of the different types of rocks: the fluorescent rocks.

A great way to learn about different types of rocks and minerals, each kit contains actual rock and/or mineral specimens, as well as an educational study guide that talks about the specific rocks and minerals found in that kit. The fluorescent rocks in this kit include ruby, lapis lazuli, green fluorite, magnesite, cancrinite, calcite and resin. Use the small magnifier to inspect the rocks and look at go in close to see some details, and then use the included UV pen to light them up and get the rocks to fluoresce.

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