Flubberstein's Wacky Wonders Your Icky Insides Activity Kit SALE!


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Your Icky Insides Activity Kit
Flubberstein's Wacky Wonders™
Wonder what happened to that pizza you ate last light after you swallowed it?
What about what your body would look like without bones?
Discover these answers and moore through wacky and sometimes yucky activities that 'll leave your brain buzzling.
10 wacky activities to discover how your body works...from digesting food to the beating of your heart.
Kit includes
  • Growing heart
  • Transparent digestive tract
  • sticky hand
  • mini skeleton
  • 2 funnels
  • plastic tube
  • 2 tongue depressor halves
  • rubber band
  • Activity book
Ages 6 and up

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