Fling & Sprout Bloom Ball; Deploy the Wildflowers Seed Bomb

Fling & Sprout Bloom Ball; Deploy the Wildflowers Seed Bomb - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Fling & Sprout Bloom Ball
Deploy the Wildflowers

    Meet the BLOOM BALL. Otherwise known as seed ball. This is a seed delivery pod that is encased in a protective (clay) and nutrient rich (organic compost) shell. Just think about it. A whole habitat in a tiny (Approximately 1 inch in diameter) Clay Ball.
     Your mission is to toss it and leave it to grow. Each Bloom Ball contains 20 types of wildflower seeds selected to thrive in the USA. Now you can make places more beautiful with a "random act of flowers".
     Below is a listing of all of the seeds used in the Bloom Ball's special blend (for any zone in the US) The Bloom Ball contains a mix of both annual and perennial seeds.
White Yarrow ,      California Poppy ,     Perennial Gaillardia ,     
Arroyo Lupine,      Blue Pimpernel,      Red Poppy,      Sweet Alyssum,      Gloriosa Daisy,     Lance-Leaf Coreopsis,      Scarlet Sage,     Golden Lupines Blue Sage,      Plains Coreopsis,      Zinnia,      Hartwegs Lupine,    
Siberian Wallflower,      Foxglove,      Evening Primrose,      Perennial Lupine Nasturtium,      Red Poppy Mix.
Proudly Hand Made in the USA.

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