Wine Bottle Stopper - Silicone Fire Hydrant

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Wild Eye Designs

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Fire Hydrant Wine Bottle Stopper
by Wild Eye Designs

Everyone knows that the fire hydrant is a where firefighters get their life and structure-saving water from, when fighting a blazing inferno. They're used to cap off water pipes, and keep the water from spilling all over the streets. What better motif then, to cap off the wine bottle you just opened?

Made of silicone, this wine stopper features a ribbed plug that slips inside the neck of the wine bottle, and remain securely there. Extending upwards from it is a small red fire hydrant, waiting to be opened back up and provide allow its throat-soothing libations to flow.

Overall, the wine saver measures 3" in length, with approximately 1" of that capable of extending down into the opening of a bottle.

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