FAST FOOD Stretchy Shapes: SCENTED Rubber Band Bracelets 24pk

Stretchy Shapes

$ 5.99 

SCENTED BANDS By Stretchy Shapes
Infused with a Savory Vanilla SCENT!
Quantity: one pack of 24 FAST FOOD shapes.  Includes 4 each of 6 shapes:
 French Fries, Corndog, Milkshake, Chinese Takeout, Ice Cream Cone, Pizza Slice.

The gotta-have nation-wide craze, these silicone rubber bands are definitely a cut above. Beautiful brilliant colors, well packaged, nicely molded and sized to not be too tight on your wrist. These colorful Vanilla Scented Bands will help you hold things together. Once your task is finished...They will return to their original FAST FOOD shape... What Fun! Bring the fun back into your home or office with these clever Scented Shaped Rubber Bands!  Packed in a durable clear zipper bag with a chain to attach to your  keyring or backpack!
They look and behave like normal (albeit colorful) rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original FAST FOOD shapes!



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